Vikram Mishra : Founder of YOGDAN
Yoga and Dance Teacher

His message is Believe and Flow.

“My experience with Dance and it’s experiments on me, made me realize its close relationship to Yoga. It is as if every story written in the language of Dance has Yoga as its vocabulary. I’m here just to share the syllables and find an answer to the question: Is Dance the purest Vinyasa?”

Vikram enrolled himself at the Himalayan Yoga Association in Tapovan, Rishikesh in 2018 to get a formal education in Yoga. He practiced Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. His classes focus on flow, and how to connect the dots between various asanas to create a more rounded movement and person.

As a young child, Vikram had a keen interest in performing arts. He took to theatre early on and got trained in the National School of Drama, India. He also learned Indian Classical Music for one year under his mentor Mrs. Sudesh Mishra. By age 14, he had participated in multiple theatre plays and music productions. Embracing Dance from then on was a natural progression for him.

At age 19, he formally enrolled himself into the prestigious Danceworx Performing Arts Academy, Delhi India and then within a short-span moved his way up from being a student to a teacher taking advanced classes in Jazz and Hip-Hop. To further specialize his dance skills and techniques, he moved to New York City in 2010 to study at the prestigious Broadway Dance Centre. Vikram loved all forms of Dance and got specialized in Ballet, Contemporary, Ariel Silk, Hip Hop, Contact Improvisation. His Dance career now spans more than 14 years, embracing guidance from 40 teachers and teaching more than thousand students in US and India.

Vikram loves teaching. He founded the Jumpunited School of Dance, India, which offered Dance training across multiple dance forms for age groups 5 to 65 years. Many of Jumpunited alumni have now opened their own Dance schools.

Vikram also has experience participating as choreographer and dancer in Bollywood productions such as DHOOM, TEEN PATTI, U Me Our Hum, Manali Cream, to name a few.

Danny Sakr : Lead Teacher
Hatha / Ashtanga / Vinyasa

Danny is a multi disciplinary athlete, always experimenting with new forms of movement, ranging from calisthenics to swimming and animalistic movement. His journey started with yoga, he has been practicing for 7 years and teaching different forms such as vinyasa, Ashtanga and power yoga. I believe movement and nature are the best teachers and his main passion and goal are spreading those teachings.

Camille Houseknecht : Yoga Teacher
Ashtanga / Vinyasa

Camille began practicing yoga at the age of 18. What started out as just a way to move her body has become a life changing practice and sparked a deep rooted passion in meditation and movement and eventually lead her to want to teach and share this way of life.

Over the last 3 years Camille has completed and received her Health Coaching certificate from Institute Nutrition received extensive meditation training at Invision Psychic and Meditation school in Chicago and has completed her 200hr TTC in India, leading her to become Karma Yogi, assisting on teacher trainings and teaching drop-ins in India.

Camille has a professional background in Early Childhood education, working with children from ages 0-12 in both home and school settings. This has allowed her to incorporate her teachings within her professional life and has gotten see the benefits of movement and meditation in all ages, especially our youth, and this has become her main focus in her evolution as a Student and a teacher.

For Camille practicing and teaching yoga is about learning how to navigate the mind, body and soul on an off the mat. It’s about finding the tools within ourselves to help keep us grounded and compassionate through moments of growth and transition.

She has a strong emphasis on teaching safe Adjustment and Alignment for mindful movement, injury prevention and sustainability for a lifelong practice. Though Camille has her training in Ashtanga she focuses primarily on Teaching vinyasa classes with extra focus on  breath-work. Camille will encourage you and create the space for you to find your own authentic way of practicing yoga and what yoga means to you.

Viktoria Gontscharov : Yoga Teacher
Hatha / Vinyasa / Yin / Prenatal

Vika is grateful for every possibility to share Yoga with others.

It changed her perspective on life completely making it so much broader and lighter.

For Vika, Yoga is meant to be a practice to self-realisation. She would love people to experience it as something  more than just a physical exercise. Yoga is a tool to learn to look within, to discover deeper layers of oneself. Seeing the connection between body and mind and to recognize that there is something even beyond that, can truly make happiness and love a constant part of life.

Making Yoga accessible for everybody and to educate people about bio-individuality is very important for Vika. Each and every one of us is a unique expression of nature and we need to accept ourselves to be able to use our full potential to manifest our dreams.

Yoga is not only what we practice on our mats, it is a whole lifestyle.

Vika teaches a combination of the yogic practice with the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. Using it as a powerful tool to heal and/or to maintain health – physically, mentally, spiritually.