The Philosophy

YOGDAN is a concept of Yoga and Dance in confluence. It strives to enjoin the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. In this quest for Oneness, YOGDAN is a platform for a natural, harmonious and seamless flow of energy innate in movements of Yoga and Dance.

Like twin facets of a grand plan, Dance is a tool of Expression using movement while Yoga is a tool for introspection through movement. Engrossing in this experience not only brings an individual at peace with themselves but also allows their consciousness to achieve a state of elevated awareness and perception.

Participating in the YOGDAN experience is a journey of self-discovery. Explore the reaches of love, peace and harmony that Yoga and Dance together can offer.

Welcome to YOGDAN! We are situated in a residential Gurukul Ashram where you will free your mind and open yourself to the experience of Bhagwan (God).


BH stands for Bhoomi, meaning the Earth the resident inertia in a human being
A stands for Agni, the Fire that is burning within to fulfil one’s goal
Ga is Gagan the Space that we have within us and what we fill
Wa is Wayu, meaning Air the freedom that exists in the mind
Na is Neer, meaning the Water is the binding element that flows through all to keep everything together and nurture life

YOGDAN's vision is to create a place wherein the people, the practices and the education is in harmony with nature

Learn to live in the present

To achieve this mission, YOGDAN will:

• Provide a platform for learning and experience through highest quality of education, teaching, training and practice to participants and help them achieve their fullest potential as yogis, artists and human beings
• Provide an environment that encourages the artistic, intellectual, and personal growth of its students and prepares them to launch successful careers and productive lives as teachers, artists and human beings well respected in their area of expertise
• Continue to update and innovate its educational and artistic standards, always attentive and responsive to ever evolving concepts, techniques and best practices in the global community
• Provide a multicultural space which promotes participation and collaboration in a mutually enriching cultural diversity reflecting unity of purpose and universal wellbeing
• Take an active role in spreading awareness of the benefit of Yoga and Dance by providing unique education/training programs and workshops to the community and encouraging students to share their knowledge and experience in society